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Contact Renderosity Support with any questions!

Q - What are the current payment options at Renderosity, and how often are they paid on each option?
A - We provide ACH, Check, Wire and PayPal options for payment. ACH and PayPal are done twice a month, between the 2nd and 7th of the first of the month and between the 16th and 22nd for mid-month. You must agree to pay the PayPal fees for a mid-month payment. ACH payments are done twice a month with no fees. Wires and checks are done at the first of the month payments only.
Q - How many products can they have in the testing que at one time?
A - Five (5)
Q - How many times can my product fail?
A - Three (3)
(See Testing Policies by clicking the link below)
Q - Will I be assigned a specific tester?
A - Yes, after your first product has passed review and testing, you will be assigned to a permanent tester.
Q - How many days from upload to release barring no fails?
A- With 0 can expect your product to release anywhere from 1 – 5 days from the date of upload. TopSellers get 3 days to release if no fails.
Q - Can I have a store sale whenever I want?
A - Store sales are scheduled by the marketplace promotional team, if you would like a sale outside of your normal abilities within the V.C.R. (30% up to 30 days) - please contact the  email address and discuss your store sale ideas with someone on the marketplace promotional team.