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Creating Promos with the Superfly Engine

If you are an old pro with Poser, or you've only just begun using Poser Pro 11 - chances are, you've encountered times when rendering with the Superfly Render Engine has tested your resolve!
We've compiled a resource below of our video tutorials and forum threads to help you find your way using this render engine.
With the correct skin/surface materials and the right settings and lighting, Superfly is an AMAZING render engine, something that the Poser software has been in need of for a LONG time!
The latest Poser Pro 11.3 update has introduced some exciting new features such as Video Card support, so that opens up wider options for those with computers using custom video cards on their machines.
The Superfly Render engine is in addition to the Firefly Render engine, and once you've created the right render profiles you'll find that the renders created with Superfly are absolutely stunning!
The resources below will assist you in learning how to create materials used specifically for Superfly and will also guide you as you learn how to unleash the power of Superfly.

• Poser 11: SuperFly Render Settings

• Poser 11: Caustics, Area Lights and Volumetrics
There is A LOT more information on the internet about Superfly, Firefly, Materials, Lighting, Cameras and more.