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Packaging Products for Submission

You have created your product and now you need guidance of how to package it correctly. Below you will find all the help you need:

Please take the time to download and read the conditions of both Renderosity Licenses below. A link to both licenses are available to buyers, depending on the type of item they purchased. Be it a regular item or extended license.

Renderosity Standard License
Renderosity Extended License

You must always include a Documentation folder in ALL your zip files (RAR, 7zip or any other compressors are not allowed). Within that folder you will place the license file and your Readme file. Readme examples are provided in all example zips of each category.

Gaming items

Below you will find the files you need to package your gaming product correctly:

Renderosity OBJ submission Guidelines

Renderosity OBJ submission Zip Structure Example

Poser items

Below you will find the files you need to package your Poser product correctly:

Renderosity Poser submission Guidelines

Renderosity Poser submission Zip Structure Example

DAZ Studio items

Below you will find the files you need to package your DAZ Studio product correctly:

Renderosity DS submission Guidelines

Renderosity DS submission Zip Structure Example

2D items

You will include your creations in a clearly marked folder. Documentation folder including readme and license must also accompany your product - example zip download follows:

Renderosity 2D submission Zip Structure Example

Promotional Images

Your product should be accompanied by promotional images that you will be required to submit along with your zip file(s). All promotional images templates you will need are included in the following zip (Remember that maximum promo image size allowed is 1600 x 1600 pixels - your images may be smaller but with a minimum of 1200 pixels width. Lightbox thumbnails need to be 214 x 214 pixels, thumbnail 300 x 350 pixels and ad-image (template in zip) is optional:

Renderosity Vendor Promotional Images TEMPLATES

Pricing & Uploading

Now that you have your product ready, you need to decide its price. Below you will find a guideline of minimum prices required for all sorts of products. You are allowed to price your product higher but never at a lower price!

Marketplace Pricing Guidelines

Once you have decided on the price, you should also consider exclusivity and its benefits. Below you may read all about those extra benefits that an exclusive vendor enjoys at Renderosity, plus the brokering percentages that apply:

Exclusive Vendor Benefits

Once you have filled out your vendor details located at Avatar/Become a Vendor/Vendor Details. - Now it's time to upload your product. Just follow the three easy steps below:

  1. Click on your notifications icon at the top of menu bar on any page.
  2. Click on Upload button at the end of the secondary menu bar.
  3. Select Marketplace Product.

Below you may download a step by step tutorial that will guide you through the uploading interface, plus a link to our Uploading Agreement that you should read - as you will be required to agree to its terms upon completion of the uploading form, before you submit your zip files.

Renderosity Marketplace Uploading Tutorial

Renderosity Marketplace Upload Agreement

You may read in full detail all about the submission process and gain further information at the following link:

Renderosity Product Submission Guidelines